blackbeard recording studios


Pricing & Hours:

We have several package deals to offer. We strongly believe in speaking with artists or having them come in and check the studio out. A day rate is $550, this gives you access to everything we offer and usually involves 10-12 hours of work. Hourly is $75. If you're interested in having us produce your whole EP, then give us a call or shoot us an email and tell us more.

Our doors are basically open 24/7, so hit us up before hand and we will make sure to be at the studio. 


Recording Room:

Our performance room was created and built with the full band in mind. This room is 200 square feet and just about every wall is running away from the other causing the perfect displacement of reflecting sound waves. Just as anything works, our room is a work in progress and we are miles away from where we started! This performance room carries a natural reverberation that allows artists to secure that warm sound from the beginning so you don’t have to put in more work on the back end. We have applied a wood finish to several of the main walls and installed new mobile sound panels in the room that allow us to work with any artist as every project varies.

We have permanent fixtures that allow a very balanced live sound. Fitted with (mobile) gobos that can be used to reign in the room and achieve a tighter, dry sound. Conversely, if it's that huge ambient sound you are looking for we have a large concrete hallway/chamber wired up to capture lush, and spaciousness, reverb sounds. Whatever the vibe be it warm and woody, dry and tight, or big and open our performance room can make it happen.



Very professional yet we felt completely at home. I’d say you need that to make a great recording. Blackbeard is a great place to record music, video or just hang and discuss topics with the Staff. I couldn’t kiss their ass enough to convince you of all have to see for yourself. Thanks Darr and Mike....keep sailing.
— Facebook (Jeramie G.)
Totally professional and comfortable. This place allows your vision to flow while a very skilled engineer offers his insight to aid your ideas from another perspective.
— Facebook (Ricky D.)
My Blackbeard experience has been nothing short of amazing. Mike is a highly talented engineer with a solid ear for quality. This studio is the foundation to the success of my band!
— Dominick Wagner (Singer for Scubadiver)
This place rocks, Darr and Michael have been sponsors of Mighty Fish Entertainment from the beginning. We are proud to partners with them.
Very professional and a great experience every time we go there.
They recorded almost all of our radio commercials. If your band or you need to record, this it the place.
— Facebook (Fish T.)